Himalaya Carpets products consist of two main materials, natural wools and recycled material.


Himalaya Carpets searches the globe to find the finest carpet wools in the world. From the Himalaya to New Zealand, Himalaya Carpets have a commitment to outstanding naturally sourced raw materials for the construction of its quality carpets.The company buys over 20,000 tonnes of pure new wool a year. This high quality wool is sourced from across the globe, from the Himalaya zone, New Zealand and several countries in Europe, including the UK, Italy and Greece. The company has its own scouring, dyeing and backing lanes, which allow us to control all the aspects of the manufacturing process, from the beginning to the end.

As part of its natural product range, Himalaya Carpets also buys and uses Yak hair in a selected range of high end products. Yak hair gives the carpet a great isolation capacity, together with a natural look and a high resistance to odour.

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Recycled Material

Himalaya Carpets Australia parent company, the Hangzhou Fuxing Group is a global leader in the field of plastics recycling. Not only does the group produce and sell technologically advance recycling machinery across the globe, but it has developed one of the most unique vertically integrated recycled carpet manufacturing businesses in the world today.

Our European company, Oriental Recycling, sources in excess of 120,000 tonnes of plastic bottles a year, which are then washed, flaked and extruded in the company’s own recycling facilities to produce high quality polyester (PET) fibre.

This 100% recycled fibre is then spun in the organisations spinning mills to produce outstanding soft PET polyester carpet yarn.

Himalaya Carpets manufacturing operation then tufts the recycled PET yarn into an exquisite carpet that is both soft to the touch, durable in performance and has outstanding cleaning abilities. When our EcoLux PET yarn is combined with our Repet recycled PET backing system, the combination delivers one of the most environmentally responsible synthetic fibre carpets available today.

One day in the not so distant future, it is our goal to be able to offer a recycling system in Australia for PET polyester carpet. This system will see our clients’ old PET carpet recycled into new yarn that can close the loop and prevent carpet going to landfill.

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