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Himalaya Carpets



Himalaya Carpets Australia reflects the proud tradition of trade between East and West that flourished over overland routes known as the Silk Road. Today, we supply a wide range of high quality stylish carpets, including pure wool and innovative synthetic fibres, to meet the decorative needs of our European, American and Australian clientele.

More than just a series of overland trade routes, the Silk Road allowed the exchange of ideas and goods between the East and West such as paper, gunpowder, gold, tea, spices, jade and of course, silk. Prestigious carpets were also traded on the Silk Road and today, Himalaya Carpets continues that proud tradition by bringing the finest carpets to Australia.

Himalaya Carpets Australia provides local representation to the Australian flooring industry and its clientele, that is supported by our office and logistics centre in NSW. We strive to deliver excellence in support and service to ensure our customers receive the best carpet solution for their unique needs.





Named after the highly prized silk that was traded from China to the west, the Silk Road linked East with West for around 2,000 years. Silk was highly prized by Europeans and the trade in goods between the two hemispheres gave the trade routes the collective name, the Silk Road.

This term refers to a network of trade routes that connected Asia to the Mediterranean Sea and Europe, running along India and the Persian Empire (now Iran).

Trade reached its peak during the Yuan Dynasty, during which time Mongols controlled large parts of the route. During this time Marco Polo, the famous Venetian based explorer used the Silk Road to reach China.

In time, the importance of this trade route declined after the sea-based voyages of discovery opened up more of the world for trade by sea, and opened a faster and less expensive mode of trade.

A Global Company

Himalaya Carpets Australia is part of a large diverse organisation that spans the globe.

The main strength of the organisation is the size and breadth of its fully vertically integrated businesses. These businesses include plastic recycling plants for PET Polyester fibre, wool scouring facilities, spinning mills, carpet tufting and weaving, and sales and marketing operations of both yarn and carpet. All of these combine to give the organisation complete control of its operation and its clients the benefits of superior quality and pricing, with sound sustainable practices.

Additionally, the global organisation has businesses in recycling technology and machinery, furniture, rugs, commercial entrance matting, synthetic grass, retail outlets, cleaning operations and even European wine distribution and sales.